Adventure in books.

Last week I want to market on bicycle to buy some books.I placed my bicycle outside a shop. I enter into the shop and ask the shopkeeper to show me some adventures books but he disappointed me ,so I came out of the shop and rode my bicycle and then go on to another shop near the river. I stand my bicycle near huge tree. I walk to the shop. I was quite shock because it was so small from outside,but when I walk in it was so so big from inside. “It looks like here I will get each and every book of the world”.

The shop was recently opened and I was in luck I’m the first one to go in the shop. I ask Mary the shopkeeper “why it is so give from inside and small from outside?” she replyed: Amile my child,it is the shop of faires & the causes who stays in earth to save it from negative waves, I have opened it from them because it is the easy way to go in fairyland.and u are in luck you are the first human being to visit you are allowed to take the book in free. ok I was quite excited to explore unseen book.

I was moving around the store and I find a intresting books “History of fairies”,I like the name so I ask Mis Mary to give me for reading it.when I open the book it was so magical. I entered in another world. It was mirachal. I saw that I was one of them a fairy.

I wonder for some mins and ask a fairy, to pinch me. she ask me “who are you and I never saw u here before?” I replyed get that hello I’m Amile,I had came for the shop where I got a book “history of faires”.whats your name? she said hi my new friend I’m Lara’s,you are inside the book now.I ask her to stay me and she said yes.

I was just staying in lara’s house. and senddenly get friends came and suprise me, actually was not suprise but afraid .And they had given me some friendship band . I had become there friend. Emma, Usa ,Gonta. They are my besties now.

One week gone it was going fine. but suddenly a war started and fairy land was about to destory and bittle fairied were about to win the battle . They had stolen the crown of the queen and It had the powerto save fairyland. Miracle happen Lara and her friend lead bheind and we’re defeating the bittle fairyland. she ask me to help her. I was having enough courage to make them won. she told me to bring the crown of faires. I made a plan when everyone were out of the town and palace, will go and take it . I tought It will be easy but it was so hard. It was opposite what were I tought.Ok I was in a fix .Qween berry was spelling at me continuously . But in luck I got a mirror I hide beside it and the spell return to Queen Berry. I defeated her and return the crown to Qween Ferry. With help of the crown she defeated the force of Qween Berry. They had honour me with the golden sworn and my friends to be the leader and the saviour of 1000 in fairyland. I proud of them and my self at that moment.

Unfortunately I had to leave the place it was quite embarrassing but it was very exciting. I came out of the book I lost my prize and I was out of the shop . And the the shop disappeared.

Now I believed that they exist …..I love it . it was exciting and adventurous and fearful.


Happy teachers day

Mother’s are the first teacher of our life ,they teach us how to walk,stand,talk and to moral values $ kindness .our job is that our teachers never die till we are alive.Therefore to all the mother’s and as well as my mumma wishing you all a very happy teachers say ……..

God blessed you all….to make us stand in the corner of the door,I will be happy to be a kid and a school students …..

love u all my teacher and my ma…… and I m writing this for my teacher anuradha maam


once a person said me that dreams come true only when I vl burn myself as a fire ball ,then only I can achieve everything. Always remember that knowledge is the only way which can help you throughtout your life. There are two parts of a life,one is failure and other is success . you know that till our death we need knowledge because without knowledge we are nothing . just remember that these marks we getting in our unit test doesn’t show our future because if we want to shine like a sun ,than we have to burn yourself like fire . future is in our hand if we study then success and if we don’t then failure . And see dreams in day not in night.

Just believe in your self and don’t try to be failure

best of luck

good morning

good morning friends waking up in early morning is the sign of goodness. In early morning you get to hear the beautiful sound of bird you can also see that how flower bloom , you get a fresh air that make you forgot your past , in morning your grandmother will give a banana shake to make you healthly . It is like a spa treatment but it just given by nature .Try to wake up early and try wake up your friends and family by calling them or saking them.
            sometimes things which we had taken from someone , we forget to return ,so now don’t forget go and plant more trees. If one we have cut then plant two cause living in nature are luck who gets the natural treatment of nature ,come on start it today 

Day before yesterday 

Day before yesterday I was a small baby but now I m a grown girl , day before yesterday i donot had any responsibility but now i have hundred of responsibility, day before yesterday I slept in my mother’s warm but now i have sleep in my own bed even I afraid to sleep alone i have to,day before yesterday i was playing in a tub but now i have to play in real war of life ,day before yesterday I could cry in my mother’s warm but now if I want to cry also I can’t because my mother $ father will be afraid ,day before yesterday If I was fix in a problem I could tell my mom and dad but now i can’t because I can’t explain them . 

 so try to enjoy your yesterday and the tommorow will be better.

    My sisters

    when you will grow up you will miss those days with your sister’s.they make you happy when you cry,they make you feel better then any one else,they gives you encouragement to you, they never break up you ,they say you to leave  in a better way,they alway gives you a better view to see everyone, cause they love,The only person who can understand you is your sister,she only want you to be a good person and to be successful  person in your life, Infact my sisters aliya ,wasima ,cifa percy ,they try to show me a better lifestyle .sometimes they scold me but you know after sometimes they come and say me sorry,you know no one can love u like your sister,even she is smaller than you,they try to protect you in every  situtions like mom ,they gives you a second chance to improve youslef.

    so alway respect them because they are one of  your part

    be stupid

    Be stupid because when you try to be stupid then you forget your every tension and you just alfresco in your world ,in that time  you doesn’t care what people says about u .and u become selfish it is good to be a selfish cause u just look for yours but in some matter you shouldn’t cause sometime if you become selfish than own leaves you