Day before yesterday 

Day before yesterday I was a small baby but now I m a grown girl , day before yesterday i donot had any responsibility but now i have hundred of responsibility, day before yesterday I slept in my mother’s warm but now i have sleep in my own bed even I afraid to sleep alone i have to,day before yesterday i was playing in a tub but now i have to play in real war of life ,day before yesterday I could cry in my mother’s warm but now if I want to cry also I can’t because my mother $ father will be afraid ,day before yesterday If I was fix in a problem I could tell my mom and dad but now i can’t because I can’t explain them . 

 so try to enjoy your yesterday and the tommorow will be better.

    difficulties and ( meaning of perfect )

    In a person’s life many difficulties comes, but why I will give up,I will try my best to give ,because I’m not perfect.perfect is the word of stupid cause when we  are in a plight this word perfect doesn’t mean any thing

    so don’t try to give and don’t try to be perfect because when you try to be perfect  you lose your precious thing

    My sisters

    when you will grow up you will miss those days with your sister’s.they make you happy when you cry,they make you feel better then any one else,they gives you encouragement to you, they never break up you ,they say you to leave  in a better way,they alway gives you a better view to see everyone, cause they love,The only person who can understand you is your sister,she only want you to be a good person and to be successful  person in your life, Infact my sisters aliya ,wasima ,cifa percy ,they try to show me a better lifestyle .sometimes they scold me but you know after sometimes they come and say me sorry,you know no one can love u like your sister,even she is smaller than you,they try to protect you in every  situtions like mom ,they gives you a second chance to improve youslef.

    so alway respect them because they are one of  your part

    be stupid

    Be stupid because when you try to be stupid then you forget your every tension and you just alfresco in your world ,in that time  you doesn’t care what people says about u .and u become selfish it is good to be a selfish cause u just look for yours but in some matter you shouldn’t cause sometime if you become selfish than own leaves you